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BRITISH NATIONAL FORMULARY (BNF) Posted 2nd August 2017 at 10:55

Here is a useful link that we’re sure many of you are familiar with but just in case here it is anyway There’s some really useful information on labelling.

And Just a small section from ‘Recommended label wordings’ on the NICE website

Recommended label wordings For BNF 61 (March 2011), a revised set of cautionary and advisory labels were introduced. All of the existing labels were user-tested, and the revised wording selected reflects terminology that is better understood by patients. Wordings which can be given as separate warnings are labels 1–19, 29–30, and 32. Wordings which can be incorporated in an appropriate position in the directions for dosage or administration are labels 21–28. A label has been omitted for number 20; labels 31 and 33 no longer apply to any medicines in the BNF and have therefore been deleted. If separate labels are used it is recommended that the wordings be used without modification. If changes are made to suit computer requirements, care should be taken to retain the sense of the original. And help and support is available from