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Asset labels : what are they and why do I need them Posted 20th June 2018 at 16:03

If you use valuable equipment within your business and it’s not currently asset labelled here’s why you should consider it…

Asset Labels are an easy way of recording and identifying valuable equipment within your organisation e.g. ipads/tablets, laptops, printers, projectors and screens.

Polyester asset labels are perfect for use in offices on fixtures, furniture and computer equipment. They come with an over-laminate, which protects the graphics and text from being rubbed or scratched off. They can display a sequential number, bar code or QR code for use with an asset database.

So why do I need them?

• Financial impact of equipment being lost or stolen : The cost of asset labels is marginal, compared to the cost of the equipment you are protecting

• Deter theft : unmarked equipment will always be more attractive to a thief! • Lost & Found : Thousands of pieces of IT equipment are handed in every year and never reclaimed but, if it has an asset label attached, it can be reunited with the owner.

• Insurance : some insurers require the use of asset labels in order for you to be covered if you need to make a claim.

• Inventory Control & Auditing : asset management registers are invaluable in assisting with the location of equipment. They can be used to check the warranty status, expiration of service contracts, records of disposed equipment, whether equipment has been lent or borrowed and provide an instant figure on value if an audit is being carried out.